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Scentsy just made some INCREDIBLE ANNOUNCEMENTS August 5th!   


Would you enjoy making money having fun with your friends?  ESPECIALLY with a product you love using & with a company that lives the values it promotes "Give more than you take"?  Maybe you just want a little bit of spending money here or there...some money to buy Christmas gifts & something to stash away to help with family vacations or pay for a monthly manicure or spa day here or there.  Maybe you'd love to add some free product to that list along with it so you don't have to pay someone else for your Scentsy addiction. ;) 

Maybe you want something more significant...  Perhaps you are struggling with medical bills or want to adopt a child.  Maybe you want a business you can really build because you would like to pay off some credit cards, maybe quit your job to stay home with your children or pay for college & retirement.  With the NEW, LIGHTENED SALES REQUIREMENTS you can build your business as slow or as fast as you want or you can even join as a Preferred Customer!  If you spend $75 or more on Scentsy a year, you should consider signing up & get that money back! 


You can receive 1,000 bonus points towards the Incentive Trip to the Dominican Republic next year in Punta Cana at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel & Casino JUST for signing up this month! 

Sign up to be a Scentsy Consultant in August & receive a BONUS size kit at NO extra charge!  $300 worth of product for our normal $99 PLUS Scentsy just added even MORE to our regular starter kits as of January 2011!!  Sign up before the bonus kits are gone. Offer expires 8/31/11.

If you think you might be interested in the opportunity, read more about the Scentsy opportunity on my website & all the product you receive for just $99 at 

If you have questions, I'd love to get a recruiting packet to you & answer your questions with NO pressure to join.  Only you can decide if this opportunity is right for
you.Whatever your reasons & regardless of what your goals are, you can join Scentsy at any level because there are SO many ways to utilize this business to accomplish what you want for yourself.  I would love to have you on my ever-growing team!  I do all I can to train & support you in reaching the sales goals & incentives Scentsy offers you in the first 15 & 70 days so you get off to the best & most successful start! 

We do host local meetings in Indy for those who can attend & team calls for those anywhere in the U.S. who prefer to do trainings over the phone but they are not required.  Scentsy has fantastic archived trainings on your Personal Workstation for those who cannot attend local or phone trainincs so you can access them any time that is most convenient for you.


If you're looking for a fundraiser for yourself, a sports team, other group or organization, please let me know.  I love to assist others & donate my commission for a great cause!

PLUS...One of our MOST EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS YET!!!  Scentsy just unveiled they are starting a BRAND NEW COMPANY in less than a year!  A new name, new colors, new product, new parties & it won't be warmers & wax!  You can put your parties in using your existing workstation, you get to start at whatever level you are already at in Scentsy, your team can sell & it will be something for everyone.  Scentsy is going to be a Fortune 500 Company & they have many incredible awards for the 300% - 600% steady growth.  Our CFO, Chuch Thompson recently said, "Once you find out what we're doing, you will be SO excited - you won't be able to SLEEP at night!"  Why wait to be part of this amazing opportunity?

Our new product comes out September 1st so be one of the first to unveil it to your friends!  People are gearing up for Thanksgiving & preparing for Christmas shopping.  Get your Scent Event on the calendar NOW before all the totes & best dates are spoken for.  August through October host the BEST shows as people are still in spending mode.  Once you get past October, people are done shopping & are ready to prepare for Thanksgiving & relax for the holidays.  Don't wait!  Schedule NOW before it's too late.  I'm happy to ship totes all over the U.S. & they have a scent tester of every fragrance we currently sell so you can host a successful party with or without a consultant present.  My tote hosts often turn in $400 - $600 parties!  

Our holiday warmer collection will be available by mid-September & that is always a huge hit.  Schedule your event by August 30th & I will give you a FREE NEW Scentsy Solid Perfume in the fragrance of your choice when you host your party!
  Satin Sheets, Love Story, My Wish, Simply Irresistible (for men OR women) or my favorite, Enchanted Mist.  Mention to me that you’d like your FREE Solid Perfume!

Contact me about scheduling a party, having Scentsy at your local vendor or business fair or requesting a recruiting packet & I'll be happy to assist you.

Thank you so much & I look forward to serving you in the future!

Jeannie Isaacs, Independent Scentsy Director


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